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memorial hospice care

RAMHC will work to institutionalise hospice care practice in Ghana through running seminars and courses to health practitioners and other stakeholders in order to improve the quality of life for the patients and their families during chronic and life threatening diseases

RAMHC is committed to providing palliative care, spiritual and emotional support to chronologically and terminally ill patients in Ghana, starting with Kumasi.  This will be achieved by:

  • Giving patients and their families the ability to live with cancers and other terminal illness better
  • Provide specialist care and information to patients and families
  • Providing empowerment to communities to care for those affected
  • Providing educational and creating awareness on palliation and hospice care to health professionals in Ghana.


  • To provide basic nursing, psychological and emotional support to chronically and terminally ill patients through a care in the community program covering home visits
  • To create day care centres which will be open at least once a week where patients and family can be brought to receive palliative and emotional care by trained staff
  • To build a successful partnership with the local communities in a socially responsible way by offering education in palliative care to patients, families, hospitals, and groups to increase knowledge and practices leading to improved care for those suffering from life threatening disease